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Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my webpage on huaxinprinting.com.

My name is Frank Wang, and I’m the CEO of the company. Through this page, I’d like to share with you some details about myself, who I am, why I’m in this printing business and the most importantly, what I’m doing with my current role in Huaxin Printing.

Who I Am?

I was born in Beijing in 1984. Aside from being the only kid for my parents, I’m also the only boy for my entire big family in my generation. As a result, my first name in Chinese means “unique”.

Me As A Kid

Well, in fact, I’m not that “unique” throughout my years of growing up.

I moved to Shenzhen, the poster-boy city of China’s growing economy, with my parents in 1992. I  was then following a typical path for most of the Chinese kids: studied hard (though not so good at Maths), took numerous of exams and entered high school and college.

After finishing my undergrad, I went to New York University to take the Master’s program of Media, Culture and Communication in the School of Steinhardt. About three-year’s stay in the Big Apple not only did I receive a Master’s degree from one of the top Media Studies program in US, but more importantly, I realized how much I’d love to work in the media related industries.

Upon graduation, I found a job in a Dutch academic publisher in its Beijing office. After working as an assistant editor to publish articles about topics such Methane on Mars and shale gas exploration (really tough jobs), I got transferred to the marketing position to promote the company’s database products in Greater China. And then in 2012, I moved back to Shenzhen and started my job in Huaxin Printing.

I’m now living in Shenzhen with my wife Sharon (an USC alumnus) and our son Leon and our Pomeranian pet Wheat Sugar.


So basically nothing very unique for my growing-up years. The only thing I would consider myself unique is why I dive into this printing business.

Why I’m in the printing business?

The reason is simple, I’m the fourth generation in my family to be in printing business. Yes, I’m growing up in a printing family.

My great-grandfather and grandfather are engineers for printing money. Yes, you saw it correctly, they printed money. Of course, by the legal means in the banknote printing factory. In fact, my grandfather was the chief engineer for making the printing plates of Renminbi (the official Chinese cash). And shortly after he retired from the state-owned money printing factory, he founded Huaxin Printing and then handed over to my parents in 1995.

So basically, I grew up with paper and ink.

To continue the proud family heritage, I moved back to Shenzhen in 2012 and join Huaxin Printing, the family business, first expanding the overseas market and then became the CEO in 2019.

From almost no overseas business in 2012 to over USD 4 Million per year by 2020, together with our professional and motivated team, we have been proudly serving clients such as Lonely Planet, Sellers Publishing and Glitteratti Editions.


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What I do as the CEO of Huaxin Printing?

Nothing fancy for being the CEO of a printing firm, but often feeling a strong sense of achievement.

I have weekly meeting with my colleagues about production arrangement. Once in a while me and my team have to come up with some innovative solutions to meet some unexpected requirements from clients. Challenging as they may be, such weekly meeting are very helpful in improving the capability of our manufacturing.

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I talk with our clients a lot. Our clients range from publishers, artists to designers and corporate purchasing. It is always necessary to have regular communication with clients to update ourselves about what the market needs, be it famous key accounts like Lonely Planet and some internationally-renown insurance corporations, or individual designers who just order a few thousand dollars with us. I enjoyed very much talking with clients, not only because they can give latest update about the market, but many of them have become great friends of mine.

I extensively read and occasionally write articles about printing, and that’s why you will find some articles (and more will be coming up soon) on the company’s blog webpage. The cutting-edge techniques I read about cannot always be applied to our daily manufacturing job, but it is definitely helpful keep the state-of-art of the industry, so that we are capable of introducing new methods to clients once necessary. Writing is also an effective way to summarize my experience and share to my current/ perspective clients. As the person who is extensive indulged in the printing business, I’ll for sure notice something that our buyers will not realize when they are preparing their files or placing the orders. As a result, to sum up those issues and write as articles can be (hopefully) a helpful method to improve the efficiency and quality of our clients’ works.

Writing (1)


Well, that’s mostly I’d like to introduce about myself. The fourth-generation of a printing family who happens to run a printing firm after graduating from NYU.

Making profit from the business of course, I’m also hoping my work (and my company) could to some extent bring additional value to our clients aside from putting ink on paper. So every time I heard our clients’ appraisal, or saw people’s smiling faces when reading our books, I’m feeling a strong sense of achievement for my job.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Stay in touch

Best regards



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