Color Printing Cards in Box with Scuff-Free Lamination and Foiling

A set of well-printed cards put into the slipcase box. The box is finished with the scuff-free lamination to bring the cover a different feeling, plus the gold foiling is applied over the laminated cover.

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Color Printing


Foiling, Scuff-Free Lamination


3mm board, Glossy Art Paper

Product Details:

This is a series of very well made reading cards for children below age of 12.

The cards are printed with 350g glossy art paper attached to each other, with matt lamination on the printed side. The whole deck of cards are shrinkwrapped together and put into a nicely made box set.

The box set includes a slipcase and a card holder, all made with 3mm board. Aside from four color regular printing, the cover of the slipcase is finished with scuff-free lamination plus gold foiling.

In order to make avoid any warping of the cards because of the different humidity between the location of manufacturing and the location of retailing, all cards were stored in the de-humidifying warehouse for 48 hours after the productions is completed.

Product Highlight:

  1. Scuff-free lamination with gold foiling
  2. Dehumidified after completion to avoid warping
  3. Rigid box sets with slipcase and card holder


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