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Want to expand you POD business, yet have no digital files for the backfile titles?

Having lots of film in the stock, yet have no solution to stop them from decaying?

By partnering with Hua Xin, you can put more of your valuable titles back on shelves.

Before the popular use of formatting software such as InDesign and Coreldraw, many original files are kept as film. However, storing content on film has below risks:

Film decays after long time preservation, resulting in the lowering quality of scanned image colors

Damages on film make the files incomplete for reprinting

Film is hard to replicate

Film may be lost due to improper warehouse management

Lots of land occupation for storing film

Lots of electric power is needed to keep the constant temperature and humidity for storing film, which is harmful for the environment

Besides the storage problems, in order to digitize the backfile titles, publishers may also encounter the below problems:

The original content in the book is no longer available. For example, sites in tourist books have disappeared.

Publishers have not signed the ebook copyrights with authors. Once the printed copies are sold out and film encounters problems, the book cannot be re-sold.

Hua Xin helps you solve the above problems!

With approx. 30 years of experience in prepress and printing, Hua Xin has now launched the “Printable File Conversion” service. All you need is to give us a copy of the printed book, and you can enjoy the below benefits:

Top level equipments for high resolution scanning. Scanned can be restored up to 95% similar to the printed books °ÚNo need to re-scan films. This avoids the low image restoring caused by the decay of film.

Apply for the ISO 12647-7 standard for color management, ensuring the high image restoration after scanning

Generate the printable digital files ready for printing. Publishers can directly use the files for offset printing and POD business.

Compared with suppliers who use film to generate the printable files, directly converting the files from printed books has below advantages:

Avoid the low scanning quality caused by the damaged film.

Additional steps are required to generate digital files from film than that of using printed books. This may cause more errors for color management.

The number of service and equipment suppliers for film scanning is shrinking as the use of film is decreasing. Insufficient maintenance will also affect the quality of image scanning .

For about 30 years, Hua Xin has been dedicated in providing clients the one stop solution for high-quality printing service. We know perfectly that how many great titles are no longer able to meet readers, only because they have no digital files.

By partnering with Hua Xin, all your precious titles are always readily accessible!

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