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A repro house is key in publishing, focusing on getting designs print-ready. At Huaxin, we handle scanning, color matching, and image editing, ensuring that what you see on screen looks just as good in print. Our expertise lies in making sure every detail in a manuscript translates perfectly onto the printed page.


Pre-flight: Checking files for print readiness, including image resolution, color accuracy, and file format.

Typesetting: Arranging text for optimal readability and aesthetic appeal.

Layout Design: Organizing text, images, and graphics in a visually pleasing and functional manner fitting the printing requirements.

Color Management

Color Profiling: Creating specific profiles as per the files, paper, color and printing presses to ensure color consistency.

RGB to CMYK Conversion: Transforming digital (RGB) colors into print (CMYK) colors, vital for accurate print reproduction.

Screen to Print Matching: Ensuring that colors on screen closely match the final printed output.

Device Calibration: Regularly adjusting devices to a standard setting for uniform color reproduction.

Image Retouching

Flaw Correction: Removing blemishes, dust spots, and unwanted elements.

Color Adjustment: Fine-tuning colors for vibrancy and balance.

Exposure and Contrast: Optimizing light and dark areas for clarity.

Image Manipulation: Altering backgrounds, adding/removing elements for desired composition.

Detail Enhancement: Sharpening details to enhance the overall look.

Resizing and Cropping: Adjusting image size and composition to fit layout requirements.


Ozalid/Plotter Proofing:

  • Available in both hardcopy and online soft proofing formats.
  • Provides an accurate representation of how the final print will look.

Prototype Proofing:

  • Focuses on binding and materials.
  • Creates a physical prototype to assess the look and feel of the final product.

Color Proofing:

  • Epson proofing under ISO standard guidelines.
  • Ensures color accuracy and consistency across all prints.

Unlike traditional repro houses, we offer seamless transition from prepress to printing

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