Make sure that we print your works right, both for content and colors. 

For content proofing, we can do both offline paper approval or online approval through the online tools. For color proofing, we use ISO 12647-7 standard for the color management on digital proofs.


File Check Report

Not all files fit perfectly for printing, sometimes improper designs will result in higher cost for printing. So we carefully check every file client sends to make sure that the file fits with printing requirement, and thus save your cost.

FAQ for Prepress

Files for printing are sometimes different from files for designing. For example, printing files should have bleeding lines, texts are better to be 100K rather than 4-color Black etc. Also, by file checking, we can figure out if the files have any hidden color blocks or unnecessary layers which may affect the printing quality.  

Our file check only focuses on the problems with layout design and other factors which may affect the printing quality. We will NOT be responsible for any content related issues. Also, clients need to give the written approval for the last revised edition before printing.

Colors through photographing (RGB) are different from colors printed on paper (CMYK). Also, ink printed on different paper will also varies a lot. As a result, in order to print the colors on the specified paper correctly, we need to adjust the curves matching the colors with the materials, and make the RGB to CMYK switch is accurate. Plus, some images do not have great colors themselves, so by color retouching, we could make the images look better. 

First of all, we use the ISO 12647-7 standard for the color management of the digital proof. This will make sure that original “benchmark” colors are correct.

Then we have CIP-3 ink management system to ensure that color data in our prepress computers accurately transmitted to our printing presses, through the computer-controlled ink pipes.

Finally, we have the X-Rite meters to measure the color-bar data on the printed sheets, another steps of quality control to ensure the color consistency. 


In the old-fashioned way, we can courier the paper ozalids and printed digital proofs to you for the content and color proofing. 

Also for content, we can send the e-ozalids and you can send approve online. For the color proofing, if you are comfortable with following the ISO color standard, you could just advise and we will apply to our color management system so that the print colors are consistent with the ISO standard. 

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