Best of Tokyo Lonely Planet Travel Guidebook With UV Printing & Pull-Up

A high-end city guide series published by Lonely Planet.

Crystal paper with UV printing on the cover and 6-fold pull-up maps attached to the last page of the book.

Four-colour printing on uncoated woodfree paper while still ensure the sharp colors of images.

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pull-up, Softcover


Color Printing




Matte Art, Woodfree Uncoated

Product Details:

The book belongs to a high-end city guidebook series published by Lonely Planet.

Huaxin Printing has been engaing a long-time printing partnership with the world famous travel publisher – Lonely Planet.

The text of the books are color printed throughout on uncoated. Due to the material of the uncoated woodfree, the paper is more ink-absorbing and thus images printed on it are likely to be darker than on coated paper. Huaxin Printing used the FOGRA 52 color curve to print on the woodfree paper, so that colors are sharper.

Rather than regular C1S card paper, this series of books use the Crystal paper for the cover. The problem of the paper is that it is very difficult to dry after printing, especially for the texts on the cover. As a result, we used UV printing plus the laser dry equipments to instantly print and dry the Crsytal paper.

Aside from the books, there’s a 6 fold pull-up maps attached to the final page of the text. The full size of the map is 550*391, and we then folded the maps and then attached to the books by hand.

Product Highlights:

  1. UV-printing on Crystal paper cover
  2. Using FOGRA 52 color curve to print the uncoated woodfree paper
  3. Six-fold pull-up maps attached to the books by hand


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