Custom Leather Cover Planner Printing with Magnet and Multiple Pockets

A well-made leather cover planner with 4-color printing throughout and a magnetic piece. Instead of being a regular leather cover journal, this Wiro-O binding planner has an extra pocket on the cover, so as to make it more multi-functional for daily using. ISO standard color management ensures the color consistency for the header of each page.

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Color Printing


Foiling, Matte Lamination


Leather, Matte Art, Woodfree Uncoated

Product Details:

It is rather easy to make some standard B&W printing planners with either paperback or hardcover binding. One can simply print, fold, sewn and the bind the planners all with automatic machines.

However, it is not that easy to make a planner like this in such a straightforward way.

This concealed Wiro-O binding planner has a leather cover with an extra pocket on it. A magnetic band is attached to the cover to secure the planner once it is closed. The cover also has wool-like material as decoration and white foiling for all the texts.

The inside pages are printed in 4-color throughout, with the same header of each page that requires the consistent color management while printing. Black ribbon and pen hold are fixed to the planner to add extra function to the planner.

Product Highlights:

  1. Leather cover with extra pocket to make the planner multi-functional
  2. ISO standard color management to ensure the color consistency
  3. Conceal Wiro-O binding
  4. White foiling
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