Danielle LaPorte Spiral Planner with Ribbon and Back Pocket

The planner is a successful merchandising series launched by the Canadian celebrity Danielle Laporte. It’s a daily planner with some mottos by Danielle, with four-color printing throughout and different colors of indexes for each month.


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Color Printing


Debossing, Foiling


Woodfree Uncoated

Product Details:

As a merchandsing product by a nation-wide celebrity, such a planner requires very high quality both in terms of materials and manufacturing.

For materials, we all use the FSC materials for cover and text, in order to better portrait the ec0-friendly image of Ms. Danielle Laporte.

For manufacturing, we not only printed very good colors throughout the planners, but also applied some other finishing and binding methods such as page indexing, debossing and gold foiling.

To make the planners more multi-functional, we have attached a paper pocket at the end cover of the planner. Also, we have fixed a ribbon on the planner, with the two eyelets on the back.


Size 7.5″ * 9.5″ Printing Color 4C printing throughout
Product Type Planer Finishing Matt lamination/Foiling/ Debossing
Cover Material 3mm board, 128gsm glossy art MOQ 500 copies
Text Material 100gsm FSC woodfree Others Ribbons, eyelets, index, golden spiral


Product Highlight:

  1. A successful merchandising product by Danielle Laporte
  2. Index with different colors for every page
  3. Golding spiral binding
  4. Ribbon and eyelets for each copy
  5. FSC material
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