Die-Cut Board Book With Insert Art Card Flipping Piece

The board book has specially designed die-cut cover look like a “yellow submarine”. In between the 6 spread book, there’re several separate flipping pieces inserted in the book, as a way further highlight the ocean creatures described in the corresponding pages.

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board book


Color Printing


Matte Lamination


Art Card

Product Details

This is a typical board book printed for a children book publisher.

Though typical as a children board book, the book still has some unique design. The cover is designed and die-cut as a “yellow submarine”, an reflection of the “ocean” topic and also pays tribute to the famous song.

Aside from the creative cover design, the book also has several flipping pieces inserted in between the spreads. Each piece is a design of ocean creature described in the corresponding spread. Such a design adds further interest and interactivity to readers.

Product Highlight

  1. Creative cover design with die-cut
  2. Flipping pieces inserted in between the spreads


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