Hardcover DIY Crocheting Book with An Envelop Attached

A casebound DIY crocheting book color printing on matt art paper. ISO 12647-7 standard is applied to the color management. An artcard enevelop is attached to the self-end paper, and a folded A-1 size sheet is inserted into the envelop.

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Color Printing


Matte Lamination


3mm board, Art Card, Matte Art

Product Details

This is a crocheting book we printed for the famous knitting and crocheting book publisher Les Edition de Saxe.

As all other knitting and crocheting books do, colors are very important for this category of books. To make sure all images are with beautiful colors, the inner pages are printed on matt art paper. Also, from prepress to printing, the entire book is printed under the ISO 12647-7 and proceed with CIP-3 system for ink management. The self-end paper is printed in 1C+1C with Pantone color.

Rather than a regular hardcover book, this title has an artcard made envelop attached to the endpaper. An A1-size sheet, printed in B&W on both sides, is folded and inserted into the envelop.

Product Highlights

  1. Printed for the famous crocheting book publisher
  2. ISO 12647-7 color management standard and CIP-3 system for ink management
  3. An envelop attached to the endpaper
  4. A-1 size sheet folded and inserted into the envelop


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