Pop-Up Children Soudbook with 4-Color Printing & PVC

This is a children pop-up book with recorded sound module. Each page contains some pop-up vehicle shape pieces, and upon flipping to certain page, the corresponding sound of vehicles will be on instantly. Designed by our book architect for the structure of the pop-up pieces.

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Color Printing


Matte Lamination


Art Card, Matte Art, PVC

Product Details

This is an innovative product we have made for a local Chinese publisher.

The book is not a traditional pop-up book, but instead, this is combination with 3D pop-up book and a soundbook.

Each page contains different sound. For example, the city traffic page has sounds of cars and motorcycles, and air space page has the sounds of planes and rockets. Upon flipping to any page, the corresponding sound will be on so that children can not only read the book, but also “hear” the book.

To simplify the work of our client, all the publisher needs to do is just to give us the concept and the 2D design, and our designers will make the structure designs for each 3D pieces. After approval of the blank dummy, we then proceeded with actual mass production.

The text pages are printed with matt art paper and 3D are with C1S card paper. To further secure the pieces, the book also uses PVC. We also helped the publisher to outsource the sound module.


Product Highlight

  1. Pop-up book with recorded sound module
  2. Structural design service for publishers who intends to make pop-up books but have no experience with the design



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