Sound Pen Animal Book with Flexibound Round Spine

This is flexibound children book with interactive sound book functionality.

Unlike regular sound pen books with an extra layer of black dots, we applied innovative solution to improve the image brightness and lower the production cost.

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Product Detail:

This book belongs to a series of titles about animals (mammals, insects, birds etc.) African. To add the interactivity of the books, the books have the sound pen functionality.

For sound pen books, they are usually printed by CMYK four colors for the images and an additional Black plate for the identifiable dots. By doing so will inevitably make the images darker because of the additonal Black plate, and result in higher production cost because of the additonal Black plate printing.

Huaxin Printing applied an innovative solution to address this problem. We reorganized the proportion of the CMY colors to replicate the images originally designed with CMYK colors, and then directly use the Black plate to print the identifiable dots. By doing so, there’s no extra layer of Black plate over the images, thus improving the brightness of the images. In the meantime, by saving one Black plate printing, the production cost was also reduced accordingly.

The original design of the flexibound books has flaps at both the front and back covers. The flaps will bring substantial manual work because no regular hardcover binding, which is used for flexibound, can automatically handle the flaps. So we offered consultative advice to remove the flaps, and thus assisted our client to save a lot of unnecessary cost.

Product Highlights:

  1. Innovative CMY+K printing rather than the traditional CMYK+K printing, both to improve the image brightness and lower the production cost.
  2. Offered the consultative advice of removing the flaps on the flexibound books, to save a lot of cost and production time for the client.



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