String Wall Calendar with Special Paper Leaflets

This is a very special-designed calendar. Each month is printed on a single leaflet, with a hole drilled on the top and a string is used to fix the different leaflets. All leaflets are printed using a special paper, which requires additional techniques for handling the color printing.

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Product Details:

This is a very special designed wall calendar.

Unlike most of the regular wall calendars with matt/glossy art paper and saddle stitched binding, this calendar is printed with a kind of special paper and binded with a string through the hole drilled on the top of each page.

The month title on each page is foiled with different colors. However, given the material of the special paper, foiling is much more likely to be peeled off compared with regular matt or glossy art paper. As a result, we used the best quality foiling material plus additional handling to ensure the quality of the foiling.

We help the client to source the production of the string, and we tied through the leaftlets all by hand, in an efficient and cost effective way.

All paper materials FSC certified


Size Customized Printing Color 4C+4C
Product Type String Wall Calendar Finishing Foiling
Cover Material Special Paper MOQ 1000 copies
Text Material Special Paper Others String tied through the leaflet holes


Product Highlight:

  1. Leaflet binding wall calendar
  2. Using a string to bind and hang the calendar on the wall
  3. Special paper is used for the text pages
  4. Additional techniques applied for foiling
  5. All paper materials FSC certified
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