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Paper Weight Conversion

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Formula for Paper Weight Conversion

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To convert paper weight from GSM to pounds and vice versa, you need to understand the specific conversion factors for each type of paper. Here’s a direct table that lays it all out:

Paper TypeGSM (grams per square meter)Pounds (lbs)Conversion Formula
Bond PaperGSMlbsGSM / 3.76
Text PaperGSMlbsGSM / 1.48
Cover PaperGSMlbsGSM / 2.71
CardstockGSMlbsGSM / 2.54
Index PaperGSMlbsGSM / 1.85
Bristol PaperGSMlbsGSM / 1.82

What is “GSM” exactly?

“GSM” stands for “grams per square meter.” It’s a way to measure how much a paper sheet weighs if it were a square meter in size. Think of it like this: paper is made from wood pulp, and the amount of pulp used affects the paper’s weight.

So, when paper producers talk about GSM, they’re really talking about how much material is packed into each sheet. For example, a paper sheet that’s 250 GSM and one that’s 100 GSM are both the same size, but the 250 GSM sheet is heavier. Why? Simply because it contains more pulp. And usually, the more pulp in the paper, the thicker it tends to be.

What is “pound” exactly?

In the world of paper, the term “pounds” (lb) is another way to talk about its weight. This measurement is typically based on how much 500 sheets – a bundle known as a “ream” – weigh before they’re cut to their final size.

When we’re figuring out the weight in pounds, the kind of paper really matters. Different types – like bond, text, index, Bristol, or cover paper – each have their own unique way of being measured. This is because each type of paper starts off as a different “parent sheet” size, also known as a FOLIO. So, the basic weight of paper is calculated as the weight in pounds for 500 sheets of its uncut, standard size.

Below the table are the standard sizes of different types of paper.

Types of paperStandard Sizes
Text25” * 38”
Cover20″ * 26″
Bond17″ * 22″
Bristol22.5″ * 28.5″
Index25.5″ * 30.5″

As a result, you may find that the same amount of 100 lb cover paper is heavier than 100 lb text paper. Because 100 lb cover paper is calculated with 20″ x 26″ size paper and 100 lb text paper is calculated with 25″ x 38″ size paper.


Understanding paper weight conversion is more than a technicality—it’s a fundamental aspect of the printing process. It’s about ensuring that the paper you select carries the weight of your message both figuratively and literally.

At Huaxin Printing, we’re not just about ink on paper; we’re about creating a sensory experience that starts with the very weight of the paper in your hands. Let this guide be your compass in the world of paper weight conversion, steering you towards informed decisions and impeccable print quality.

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